Night activities…

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For the past two weeks, i’ve been out till late night twice with my kakis… The first one was at Upper Pierce Reservoir, where we climbed up the tower and experimenting night shooting… Kinda fun trying here and there… Second one was recently we took a bus from Toa Payoh to Rifle Range/Bukit Timah area… And from there, we did a night hike all the way back to Toa Payoh… Shagged…

The night hike was fun specially we were hiking inside Rifle Range Trail to MacRitchie Reservoir Park… It’s so damn dark tat you almost barely see anything without a torchlight… I think we will onli go for such activities with Raymond Yap aka Ah Bun… He’s like a jungle man to us… He dare to walk in alone in the dark… I cant imagine myself doing tat… :S

Been cheonging my animation assignments, a lot of details need to pay attention on our first acting clip… Currently, i’m left with facial expressions and have confirmed on which voice clips to use for my next 2 acting clips… Gonna start planning tml onwards…

Yesterday, Melvin Tan, a Senior Animator from Bluesky Studio, came down to CGP to give a short talk… Quite interesting i must say, sharing abt his life in Bluesky Studio and his experiences and involvements on 3 of the Ice Age films, Horton and Robot… He also mentioned tat he wasn’t an artist person even during NS and he did business in NP… He went to US and enrol into Academy of Art College and from there, he got his first job in Bluesky Studio… Cool…

Too bad i dun have such money to study there… So sad…

Recent weeks, i’m trying to find more animation feature films to watch… And i found out tat there is gonna be a 3D cartoon TV series on Garfield! And i love the feel of the animation… So cute… Hahaha… And also i never knew tat Lilo and Stitch got another 2 feature films and 3 seasons of TV series! Omg…

I was toking to David at CGP last week… He actually wanna put mi in the upcoming Character Animation Master Class by Gobelins Paris‏ during mid of June… It’s a two full weeks course and will be trained by professionals whom worked in Picar, Dreamworks and Weta Studio… It was a great chance to learn from the pros… But coz some of my classmates wanna to come in as seat in to learn some stuff too… So it will be quite awkward if i’m the onli one from the class attending the master class…

So David told mi tat it would be better if i join them as seat in instead… I understand lahz… So i agreed with it… But i wan to obtain tat cert lehz… Somemore the chances of this master class coming down again is slim according to David… Haiz… Oh wellz… Nvm lahz… Most impt is to learn from them… Yup… Think of it… At least it’s ‘free’ though will not be able to use the computers for lessons and get the cert… Haha…

Alright… Disappointments aside… Now i’m aiming to at least finish 2 acting clips by this month and starting on 4th clip… I wan to prove myself to be in Tiny Island asap… Yup…


Back in blogging…

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Wau… It’s been one month plus since i blogged… Guess i’m really too lazy to blo lately… Summary of the past one month…

Finished TP IIT Project Show on 17th March… Not something tat i really like, but oh well… 23rd to 26th March went for our own mini grad trip to Pulau Redang! Yeah! Tgt with Vin, Alas, Gw and Kay… Enjoyable i must say… Did some snorkelling, playing around at the beach, feeding the fishes in the beach and kayaking too… And i kana veri veri bad sunburn… Damn… Followed by Eliz’s birthday celebration on 4th April… At the same time, RX’s birthday chalet on the same weekend… Have to entertain both side… Although i missed out RX’s cutting birthday cake, but the gang understand lahz…

So, those are the major events happening these few weeks… Most of the time, i’m slacking at home… Watching movies, cartoons and anime… Playing games too… Been hooked onto Restaurant City in facebook for a while… But recently been starting to cheong on my assignments at CGP… Officially ‘finish’ at 4th May, but David gave us an extension for another 3 months… But i dunno to wait for 3 months… Thus i have been cheonging day and night almost everyday… Trying to finish it by June and hope to be in Tiny Island by den too…

During the week after the chalet, i think alot for myself… Planning for my future… Dunno which path i should follow… Oh wellz… Most likely i will be taking up a part time IT degree next year juz in case… At least get a degree… I can foreseen tat if i dun slack now, most likely i wouldn’t have time to slack in the near future liaoz… Hahaha… K lahz… Back to animating… Next time!

Nick Vujicic – Finish Strong…

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While i saw surfing facebook, i saw one of my friends posted this video clip – Stand Up… I found it veri touching and inspiring… This video clip is abt a true story of this guy named Nick Vujicic, whom born without limbs… Take a look at this clip and find out for yourself…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For more information abt Nick Vujicic:
Official Website
Life Story

Sometimes, we as humans, tends to take things for granted easily… A lot of times, when things doesn’t go smoothly as we wanted, we often blamed anything tat can be blamed… Like ourselves, higher beings like God or gods, other ppl, objects, situations, and many more down the list… Specially God… Seems a lot of ppl like to question God a veri common quesntion – “Why are You so unfair?” in various situations…

I asked the same qns nearly 6 years ago… Later on, i told myself tat God must have a purpose behind every situation… But after watching this clip, i asked myself… Am i still able to tell myself the same things and grow strong? I will have doubts in myself first… Wat i can actually do in this condition? And guess wat? He’s onli one year older den mi!

Like many ppl, i will also tends to wan better quality or more stuff if possible… But will i die without all these ‘wants’? It’s just a want, not a need… Tats my fav quote, even though i DO fall for such temptations occassionally…

Let’s look another point of view… If you were his parents, your new born baby turns out to be limbless too… Wat would you do? I was watching ‘The Curious Case of Bejamin Button’ recently… Bejamin was born old and was abandon by his father… Or even let’s just say you accept him… Wat if, you have a second child whom born normally… Would you still give the same love for the first limbless child? Or choose to give up on him?

Romans 8:28
There is no such thing as luck, chance or coincidence that these “bad” things happen in our life.

Most impt of all, if you were Nick Vujicic… Would you give up on yourself or choose to be content with wat you have? Nick becoz went through a lot of hardship when he’s young… It’s not easy to be him as he mentioned in the beginning of the clip… From the video he said this:

“There is sometimes in life, when you fall down, you feel like you don’t have the strenght to get back up…”
“Do you think you have hope? Because i tell you, i’m down here…”
“Face down, and i have no arms and legs… It should be impossible for me to get back up… But it’s not…”
“You see, i’ll try 100 times to get up and if i failed 100 times… If i failed and i give up, do you think i will ever get up? NO!”
“But if i failed and i’ll try again, and again, and again… I just want you to know that it is not the end…”
“It’s matters how you going to finish… Are you going to finish strong?”
“And you will find that strength to get back up…”

You know, this story can relates to a lot of stuff in life… Like studying, living a Christian life, working hard, going through dark times, relationship, life’s decision, content with life, bad habits and many more…

Lie when i was in secondary and ite, i always tried to discourage my friends from smoking… Even till now, but not as much as b4… Coz everyone tends to give all kinds of execuses… “It’s just temporary, relieve stress from preparing exams” “Without it, i cant concentrate” “Smoked for too long, hard to quit” “Social smoking” “People give me, not i buy one” “Feels good smoking after a meal” “My bf/gf smokes, so i smoke together” “I’m weak, i need it”…

I tried watever i could, it’s really up to individual… The reason why i do not wan to smoke or drink until drunk, is becoz i wan to avoid my father’s bad habits… I had a veri bad impression when i was young… But now, i dun mind hanging out with ppl whom smokes or drink till drunk… Coz i would juz say, “Wats the point of it?”

There’s alot more examples in life we related to Nick Vujicic’s story… But most impt is how God uses him to spread His Words around… Even when we were strike down hard, we still can try to continue to run the race… If you’re gonna give up, you will never know wats behind the finishing line… Never try, never know… It’s not about can or cannot, it’s about want or don’t want… The onli person stopping you making your life better is you yourself…

Corinthians 12:9-10
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Damn cool video clip…

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A strange man builds a world using holographic tools for the woman he loves.This award winning short was created by filmmaker Bruce Branit, widely known as the co-creator of ‘405’. World Builder was shot in a single day followed by about 2 years of post production. Branit is the owner of Branit VFX based in Kansas City.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "World Builder on Vimeo", posted with vodpod


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This entry is to reply alas’s comment and also avoid any confusion… M.A.S.K. is a total different cartoon from The Mask… For more info, click them for wiki links…

M.A.S.K. (which is an acronym for the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand), was a hybrid of popular era cartoons G.I. Joe and The Transformers. It featured a special task force featuring an array of characters, led by Matt Trakker, with transforming vehicles engaged in an ongoing battle against the criminal organization V.E.N.O.M. (an acronym for the Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem), with an emphasis on super-powered helmets called masks worn by the characters on the show…

This morning i went to check out on my old toys, surprisingly i still got around 5-6 vehicles and a butch of characters with a couple of masks missing… Hahaha…Here’s a butch of M.A.S.K. toy commercials i’ve found in youtube…Maybe i should start to learn to ‘grow up’ liaoz… 😛

I’ve missed 80s and 90s cartoons and its’ toys…

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Been abit more busy down at CGP clearing my ‘outstanding’ assignments… Now left with 2 assignments – Walk Cycle and Pitch Ball… I’m still stuck with lower body for walk cycle and i’m done with first pose with pitch ball… Gonna get my next few poses up first b4 fine tune it… Yup…

Talking abt pitch ball… I saw this video reference at cgp for pitch ball… Damn funny… Cant explain in words… Have to see it for yourself… We were laughing off our ass and tried to imitate it… Damn hard siaz… Better drop the idea of animating it… :S In fact, i tot this guy looked like Jacky Wu in some ways… Muahahahahaha…

Recently vin shown mi this G.I. Joe movie trailers… I was thinking to myself… When will they produce a movie on M.A.S.K.? It’s one of my fav cartoon when i was a kid… I think i still have some of the remainding M.A.S.K. toys at home… Opps… 😛

Later on… I went to search wat are the 80s and 90s cartoons i’m really missed watching… Manz… I never knew i have watched this much of cartoon while i’m a kid… Still toking abt deprived childhood… 😛 Here’s the long list…

80s Cartoon:
Alice in the Wonderland
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Scooby Doo
Care Bears
Charlie Brown and Snoopy
Chip & Dale
Duck Tales
Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds
Garfield and Friends
G.I. Joe
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
Mighty Mouse
Winnie the Pooh
Pink Panther
The Raccoons
Spiderman and His Amazing Friends
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Tom and Jerry
Voltron, Defender of the Universe
Yogi’s Treasure Hunt
Around the World with Willy Fog
Captain Planet
Count Duckula
Battle of the Planets/G-Force/Gatchaman
The Gummi Bears
Inspector Gadget
Muppet Babies

90s Cartoons:
Batman: The Animated Series
Biker Mice from Mars
Mega Man
Pinky and the Brain
Sonic Underground
Swat Kats
Tom and Jerry Kid

Wow… I’m surprised too… Some i do remb watched a couple of times at least… Some i will never gets tired watching over and over again… It does bring back alot of memories when i was watching a few of the opening intros… Hahaha… So damn classic… I think i might still have some recorded tapes at home… My bro and i loves to watch cartoons… Now come to think of it, i think i cant go and scold my children for watching too much cartoons in future liaoz… :S

It’s really nice tat some of them actually made into movies… I hope this idea of bringing back 80s and 90s cartoons to live in the cinema… It will be really nice to watch them too… Hahaha… I wondered is there any possible ways to collect them? Oh wellz… At least i got my Transformers cartoon… Tats most impt… Hahahaha…

Even when you’re gone far away………

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It’s been quite a while since i blooged… Yup… Recently i was watching Gundam 00 2nd Season… The latest ending theme caught my attention, Trust You by Yuna Ito… The song hasn’t offically released yet until March or April… Anyway, i tot of sharing this song here… Yup…

Trust You (TV Size Version) by Yuna Ito

Japanese Version
Hana wa kaze ni yure odoru you ni
Ame wa daichi o uruosu you ni
Kono sekai wa yorisoiai ikite iru no ni
Naze hito wa kizutsukeau no
Naze wakare wa otozureru no

Kimi ga tooku e itte mo mada
Itsumo kono kokoro no mannaka
Ano yasashii egao de umetsukusareta mama
Dakishimeta kimi no kakera ni
Itami kanjite mo mada tsunagaru kara
Shinjiteru yo mata aeru to
I’m waiting for your love

I love you, I trust you
Kimi no kodoku o wakete hoshii
I love you, I trust you
Hikari de mo yami de mo
Futari da kara shinjiaeru
Mou hanasanaide

English Version
Flowers sway in the wind as if dancing
So that the rain moistens the earth
Even though this world is alive, coming closer together
Why do people hurt each other?
Why do partings come about?

Even if you go far away
You’re still always right in the middle of my heart
While they remain completely buried by that kind smile
Even if I feel pain
In fragments of you that I held, because we’re still connected
I believe that we can meet again
I’m waiting for your love

I love you, I trust you
I want you to share your loneliness with me
I love you, I trust you
Even in light, even in darkness
Because we’re together, we’re able to believe in each other
Please don’t leave anymore

Time Waits for no one…
If the
pendulum ever Swings back…
Will i able to Keep you by my side……
Or still
Choose to let you go once again……
Life Goes on………
Even when you’re Gone far away……….